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These are deep, systemic problems that the State Tax Commission should investigate, propose solutions to end the practice, and help make the community whole. He did not provide any addresses that would show evidence of this positive impact. Metzger, Kurt and Jason Booza.

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With its proximity to Canada and its facilities, ports, major highways, rail connections and international airports, Detroit is an important transportation hub. Tim Hodge and I conducted a study that found Detroit is not only overassessing its residents, but it is doing so in violation of the Michigan Constitution. This perpetuated a cyclical exclusionary process that marginalized the agency of black Detroiters by trapping them in the unhealthiest, unsafest areas of the city. We have had the time to build those efficiencies and create a management process that frees you to enjoy the revenue from your property without the stress. Due to caps on property tax growth, cities are slowly recovering from the steep decrease in housing prices and the corresponding decline in property tax revenues.

City officials are working to study and understand the rental market and now have evidence that, though affordable options exist, a significant affordable housing gap remains, especially for residents in the lowest income brackets.

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